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We shoulder even your piano transport


Sometimes special efforts are necessary to achieve a goal. This also applies to the transport of valuable antiques or special furniture. Transporting a piano is not something that can be done on the side. Fortunately, with the Möbelpacker team from Vienna, there are experienced professionals who are very familiar with such transports. We take care that your expensive antiques and musical instruments arrive safely and in one piece at their destination. We treat everything you entrust to us with great care and circumspection. Even if we sometimes have to carry a heavy load.

Ihr Umzug mit dem Möbelpacker Team aus Wien

Costly antiques are in the best hands with us

No matter how heavy your furniture may be, we can handle it. We bring

  • Pianos
  • Safes
  • Antiques
  • Heavy pieces of furniture

and all other things weighing more than 100 kilos reliably from A to B. You can rely on that at all times. To find out how we organise such a transport or for any other questions about your move, you can simply call us in Vienna contact.


T: +43 660 545 8305

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